Asclepios Pharmaceutical Wholesale Company is a joint stock company which established in 1995. In 2008, Asclepios was acquired by Ortie Capital Investment, a venture capital fund company based in Poland. The management structure of Asclepios has been re-organised to meet the objectives of the organization whereby the trade department has been the core department with other services being outsourced around Poland. The extensive logistic system links the transport network in all Poland with the main drug warehouse in Warsaw. We offer transport of pharmaceuticals (healthcare products) as well as medicinal products in accordance to the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Law and Good Distribution Practice. Our efficient distribution network has guaranteed our delivery to any places in Poland within 24hours. The company is currently in cooperation with most hospitals in Poland with an increasing number of successful bids. Our partners are the key medical market suppliers which offer local and imported drugs to hospitals.


“We ensure efficient flow of medical supplies between the producer and the hospital, having the welfare and health of patients at heart.”


“We wish to become the leader on the market of hospital drugs in Poland.”


Asclepios was a Greek god and the patron of medicine. He became such an expert physician that he was able to bring the dead back to life. read more..